Cake boxes with locks

Folding Carton cake boxes Available in four sizes: 13x13x8 cm, 30x30x14cm, 35x25x11 cm and 35x35x14 cm

Cake boxes with glued locks

Folding Carton cake boxes Easy to assemble with glued sides Available in three sizes: 15x14x7 cm, 24x19x9 cm and  34x18x12cm

Candy boxes

Boxes with handle and sliding box with sleeve suitable for sweets, nuts, candies and others Folding carton available in white and kraft

Chocolate boxes

Corrugated box suitable for 0.5kg chocolate ;available in white and kraft Folding carton suitable for chocolate and sweets Available in 3 sizes 8x9x3.5 cm; 17×12.5×3.5cm; 24.5x13x3.5cm

Doughnut and pastry boxes

Corrugated boxes and folding carton suitable for donuts and other takeaway pastry Available in kraft and white Optional separators available

Cake boxes with window

Folding carton cake boxes Optional window Available in two sizes : 20x21x6 cm and 20x21x8 cm

Crepe Boxes

Corrugated and Folding carton crepe boxes Available in kraft and white Can be customized with offset printing Sizes available: 21x16x2.5 and 19x14x4 cm